Maffescioni Bus Lines’ longest serving driver is celebrating 40 years of being on the road this month.

Michael DaFonte is a familiar face to many in the region and after being with the local bus company almost since its creation, is one of their most popular drivers.

Michael said he originally began driving coaches for Maffescioni Bus Lines alongside running his family farm to save for a house, but enjoyed the job so much that he stayed on.

The best part about this job is meeting people. I love getting to know people and showing them different areas when we’re on tours,

he said.

The company runs coach tours both locally and nationally and Michael regularly takes groups around Australia.

I’ve done a lot of interstate travelling, I’ve been to Tasmania, Queensland, Sydney and right up to the top of Australia,

he said.

I’ve done a lot of good trips and I’ve met a lot of good people over the years.